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Masters Students Experience Washington DC through a 4-Day Leadership Conference

As part of the Master of Organizational Leadership program, students have the opportunity to travel from Nashville to Washington DC. As part of their “Challenges And Opportunities Of Leading In A National Context” course, they participate in a special seminar that considers the particular opportunities and challenges of leading at the national government and corporate levels. Leaders from these contexts predominate the course as guest speakers. The course examines aspects of managing a national business or ministry, with particular focus on ethical dilemmas, legal and political considerations, and competitive market forces.

Loas Embassy In April 2015, our students attended The National Leaders & Good Governance Conference hosted by Chic Capital. The conference focused on topics of Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Good Governance and wrapped up after 4 days with a visit to Capitol Hill and the Laos Embassy. This visit provided the students of the masters program a greater understanding of international culture and its role in the conduct of diplomacy and foreign policy.

“In life we have defining moments-those moments when you know your life will never be the same. This week has been a collection of defining moments for me. As part of the Masters program at Williamson College, our class participated in a 4 day conference in Washington, DC on National Leadership and Good Governance. I have been inspired, informed, enlightened and challenged by each of the amazing speakers to think broadly, dream big, act courageously and lead with integrity. Many thanks to my professor Dr. Todd Bradley and John Villanueva and Souny West of Chic Capital for hosting this conference.”

-Tanya Franklin, Student of the MAOL Program

Dr. Todd Bradley and Loas Embassy

“An amazing privilege to spend the afternoon with the ambassador, a very gracious man. Thanks to his hospitality, our students had a unique experience. We are grateful to Chic Capital for arranging the visit.” – Dr. Todd Bradley

Dr. Todd Bradley and Dr. Max Gross

“Dr. Todd Bradley and Dr. Max Gross… two of the biggest minds in National Security and Middle East Affairs.” John Villanueva

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