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Improve Your English at Williamson CollegeLocal and international students from around the world and across Middle Tennessee are discovering Williamson College’s Meridian Language Program.  This program was created to accommodate busy schedules, increase professional and personal communication skills and provide an opportunity to build a bridge to the English language. Teachers are caring and interested in helping you receive the greatest advantage that ELL –English Language Learning, can give you.

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Is it time for you to speak & write in English fluently?

Find out today why so many individuals seeking English as a second language (ESL) choose Williamson College


ESL Williamson College

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Meridian Language Program

Williamson College offers a non-credit program to potential students referred to as Meridian.  This is an English as a Second Language (ESL) Program.  It seeks to provide an education to any student seeking to further his or her English skills. The comprehensive classes aim to increase competency in reading, writing, speaking, listening, and grammar. Students do not earn credit hours for participation in the program, but rather clock hours.

Program Details:

The program consists of four quarters per year. Each quarter is a duration of 13 weeks that includes a one week break. In-class time consists of students participating in lectures, in-class assignments, conversational discussions, independent speeches, presentations, group activities, and examinations to track progress. Each student is also assigned independent homework assignments per week.  Grades are determined by the instructor assigned to the course in which the student is enrolled.

A student enrolled in the Meridian Language Program earns a score of a “Pass” or “Fail” at the end of each quarter.  A student may also earn a score of an “Incomplete” at the discretion of the professor when a student is passing work or has the possibility of earning a passing grade but is unable to complete all of the requirements before the end of the course.

Each class offered in the Meridian Language Program is taught completely in English with no option for translation.

Please see the Admissions section of the catalog for more information.

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