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In the process of deciding if, when, and where to go to college many in our society would evaluate the options only in terms of dollars and cents. While financial implication are always a strong consideration, is it fair to judge the value of higher education only in terms of ROI? In this video Dr. Ed Smith, President of Williamson College, points us not simply toward the right answers in decisions about college, but the right questions.

It seems like capitalism causes us to begin to value things just in the nature of their dollar and cents worth. When it comes to a college degree, we really have to look beyond just the economic value of “what a degree is going to do for me?” Rather, what we need to ask is “what is this degree going to do to me?” Especially at a Christian college like Williamson College where we work very hard to integrate faith with learning. That is very different than a college where faith is along side learning. You can find many schools with some marvelous ministries along the periphery of their campus. But here at Williamson College we work very hard to see that faith is fully integrated with learning in everything that we teach. Even in courses like accounting, where you have to be very specific about the debits and credits in an accounting class. Yet, we want faith implications to permeate everything we teach. We work very hard at that at Williamson college.