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Williamson College Student Kathryn Marshall Awarded Scholarship from Scarlett Family Foundation

FRANKLIN, Tenn. (June 15, 2015) – Kathryn Marshall, a 22-year-old student at Franklin-based Williamson College, has received a $7,500 scholarship from the Scarlett Family Foundation, which provides educational support to Middle Tennessee students of all ages. 

The scholarship is awarded based on merit and need, and is renewable each year that she is a student at the college.

Marshall, a sophomore business administration major, spent seven months teaching in Japan after graduating from high school through an organization called Mission to the World. The trip was the fulfillment of a long-time dream to visit Japan, which she began preparing for by starting to learn Japanese online when she was fourteen.


Through a website where students and teachers can teach and be taught using an interactive platform, she built up credentials and testimonies from students and led her own business teaching English, Latin and art. 

To raise money for her seven-month trip to Japan, Marshall sold silicone bracelets with her website’s domain name embossed on them. Her family helped facilitate a car wash, and her church community came together to organize three massive bake sales.

On the day before her nineteenth birthday, she waved goodbye to her family before hopping on a plane to Tokyo. 

When she returned home, Marshall learned about Williamson College through former Franklin Mayor Tom Miller, who is on the college’s board of trustees and also serves as an elder at her church.

Although Williamson College has a number of mid-career students, Marshall was pleased to find quite a few younger students in her same age range there as well. “We have a lot of fun making plans before and after class,” she said. “Everyone really maintains tight-knit friendships.

 Once she’s earned her degree, Marshall hopes to start her own online teaching business.

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