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Taking the Lead in Israel

Dynamics of Leading in an International Context

The last of three leadership intensives in the MAOL program

This is a special seminar that will consider the particular opportunities and challenges of leading at international government, corporate and academic levels. Leaders from these levels will predominate the course as guest speakers. The course examines strategic aspects of managing a global or multinational business or ministry, with particular focus on cultural dynamics, legal and political considerations, and competitive market forces.

As such, this course represents a truly unique opportunity to learn about the challenges, issues, and risks of leading on an international stage. From the Knesset in Jerusalem to Tel Aviv University and the Technion – Israel’s MIT – to the front lines of the IMG_9671Gaza Strip and the northern borders of the Golan Heights, students become special guests and explorers to the inner workings of one of the most dynamic players on the world stage. With opportunities to meet with various leaders in business, academia, the faith community and the Knesset, students get to experience a multitude of cultural, business, religious and leadership situations throughout the seminar.

“It was a thrilling, life changing experience,” says Matt Bonner, a student of the inaugural program’s Israel Intensive. “How else could one expect to meet face to face with members of Israeli’s parliament, stand on the Golan Heights peering into Lebanon and Syria, or walk in the Valley of Elah and see the actual battlefield where IMG_0024David slew Goliath? We did so much more and I can’t imagine how one could go through such a diverse array of experiences any other way. I truly wish I had done this years ago. This magnificent experience has and will continue to impact my learning, growth and futureIMG_0085involvements and leadership opportunities.”
Students are well prepared for the experience through the assigned reading and the historical, cultural and political briefs leading up to departure. As such, everyone is equipped and confident to understand and engage the various types of Israelis you meet throughout the seminar.