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Christian/Community Service:

Williamson College strives to facilitate spiritual growth for all students, endeavoring to deliver an educational environment focused on developing inspired leaders who understand the importance of giving back to others. The faculty, staff and trustees invest time, prayer and action to foster an atmosphere of excellence in education.

While enrolled, students participate in a Christian/Community Service program in which they contribute time and talent to various philanthropic endeavors throughout the surrounding area.

Williamson College encourages every student to participate in service to stimulate their spiritual growth and to provide service to others.

Additionally, as prerequisite to graduation, each student must partake in a minimum of sixty hours of Christian/Community service or fulfill thirty-six activities. Students submit a Christian/Community Service Activity form to the Director of Student Services upon completion of the activity or hours. A student’s academic advisor also monitors progress toward completion of the requirement. The obligation is explained in Orientation (ORI 101), a mandatory class for all WC students. It is also detailed in the Student Handbook. The Student Handbook includes the Christian/Community Service Activity form as an appendix. Furthermore, every student receives a copy of the form in ORI 101. A student may receive an extra copy of the form at any time from his or her academic advisor or the Director of Student Services.  The representatives will also address any questions or concerns a student has about the requirement.

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