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Williamson College Academic Scholarship

To be considered for an entering freshman full-tuition* Academic Scholarship at Williamson College, you must meet ALL of the criteria below, and required documentation must be received by the Office of Admissions.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Application for admission received by April 1 for incoming freshmen;
  • Fully admitted to Williamson College as a first-time undergraduate student by the priority deadline of July 1;
  • Have an ACT/SAT composite core of 28/1920 (or higher) based on an ACT/SAT test taken within the last three years and no later than the April (of year applying) test date;
  • Meet the scholarship eligibility criteria based on the cumulative high school GPA of a 3.25 or higher, based on the sixth or seventh semester high school transcript.

There is no separate Academic Scholarship application.

  • Early application for admission is recommended in order to be considered for the academic scholarship;
  • Students cannot require remediation (transitional) courses in any subject area;
  • Scholarships are renewed if students maintain at least 12 WC undergraduate credit hours per term; be degree seeking, maintain continuous full time enrollment, and at least a cumulative 3.25 GPA;
  • All awards are based on available funds;
  • High School GPA’s are calculated based on 4.00 scale;
  • This scholarship cannot be combined with any other institutional WC scholarship.
  • A student must have no more than 122 attempted credit
  • Student’s account must be current

Contact the Admissions Office for more information 

*Amount of scholarship, combined with other grant and scholarship assistance, is not to exceed the cost of tuition each term.

College Bound Scholarship

Incoming freshman and transfer student is eligible up to $2000 per term, up to $4000 per year*

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be a Tennessee resident;
  • Graduate from an eligible* High School, complete High School as a home school student or obtain a GED or HiSET diploma prior to the student reaching 19 years of age;
  • Incoming 1st time freshman and must enroll within 16 months of HS graduation, or;
  • Be a transfer (continuous) student who was a recipient of the Tennessee Promise scholarship from another institution and left the institution in good standing (must provide proof of receiving scholarship from prior institution);
  • Be officially admitted to Williamson College;
  • Maintain continuous enrollment as a full-time student, at least 12 hours, and enrolled in a full-time degree program;
  • Minimum 21/980 ACT/SAT;
  • File the FAFSA, early filing is recommended. Student’s FAFSA filing and FAFSA verification must be completed prior to enrolling;
  • Must complete institutional scholarship application (found online or with your acceptance packet).

Renewal Criteria:

  • File the FAFSA by May 1 deadline;
  • Maintain full time continuous enrollment;
  • Maintain WC cumulative 3.0 GPA;
  • Be degree-seeking and not have obtained more than 122 attempted hours;
  • Student’s account must be current at the time of new registration.

*Amount of scholarship, combined with other grant and scholarship assistance, is not to exceed tuition costs for the term.

**Eligible Institution – – Exceptions may be granted to TN residents who graduate from high schools located in states other than Tennessee.  They include:

· HS located in bordering out-of-state counties;
· HS in which dependents of active duty military members may attend (Members of the Armed Forces or TN National Guard must have TN as the Home of Record at entry into the military service;)
· HS in which dependents’ of full-time religious workers in foreign nations may attend.

Additional Institutional Scholarships:

To be considered for Williamson College Scholarships, you must complete the scholarship application (print and turn into the Admissions Office):

Scholarship Application

Williamson College (WC) offers a variety of need-based and merit-based scholarships.  Funding is contingent upon federal, state and other outside resources the student receives. Scholarship applications are available at the time of admission to the college as well as available on the WC website.  The Scholarship Committee awards scholarships and recipients are notified in writing.  In the event that funds are not secured, students will be notified.  Students can receive only one institutional scholarship per 20 week enrollment period.  If the student meets the requirements for more than one institutional scholarship during the same enrollment period, Williamson College will award the scholarship that provides the greatest financial assistance.  Scholarship amounts will be adjusted to prevent over-awards above direct costs of the term.  Scholarships cover tuition expenses only.  Federal grants will be considered when awarding scholarships.   

Unless indicated in the specific scholarship criteria, students can qualify if:

  • Holding a high school/college GPA of 3.0 or better
  • A full time, first degree seeking undergraduate (enrolled for 12 or more credit hours)
  • Have filed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

For scholarship renewal:

  • Enrollment must be full time and continuous
  • GPA must be a minimum WC cumulative 3.0 or better (unless otherwise specified in the scholarship criteria)
  • Degree-seeking student must have no more than 122 attempted credit hours (which includes transfer work)
  • A current FAFSA must be on file prior to the start of the academic year
  • Student’s account must be current

Students must notify the Financial Aid Office if other outside financial assistance is received, including employee tuition benefits.

Church Matching Scholarship

Open to all students.  WC will match any scholarship awarded to the student by his/her church, up to $1000 per enrollment period.

CLC Scholarship

Open to students, undergraduate and graduate, who have completed at least one year of the foundational two year experience of the Christian Leadership Concepts curriculum.  Scholarship awards are $500 per term and are renewable for four years for full time continuous enrollment.  Undergraduate students can have no more than 122 credit hours (including transfer hours) and graduate students cannot exceed 33 credit hours. Any dropout would render the scholarship void.

Family Scholarship

Provides (less any amount in federal grants) up to 40% of tuition (scholarship funds limited to 12 credit hours per term) to an immediate family member (father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter) of a student if simultaneously enrolled. One family member must pay full tuition.  Both family members must maintain continuous full time enrollment (12 or more credit hours). Scholarship is renewable for a maximum of four years.  Recipient must maintain a minimum WC cumulative GPA of 3.0.  Tuition account(s) of family member(s) must be kept current.

Hard Bargain Scholarship

Applicant must be a resident of the Hard Bargain neighborhood in Franklin, Tennessee and be recommended by the Executive Director of the Association.  Student must meet minimum admission requirements and maintain a 2.25 WC cumulative GPA each term.  Provides $500 per term.

Homeschool Scholarship

Open to entering freshmen who are graduates of homeschool programs who have an ACT score of 21 or higher.  Scholarship provides $1000 per enrollment period.

International Friendship Scholarship

Open to undergraduate international students who hold an F1 student visa.  Scholarship provides $25 per credit hour. Students must be enrolled full time (12 or more credit hours).  Recipients must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.25 which is verified at the time of recipient’s subsequent registrations. International students who are not eligible for federal aid do not need to complete the FAFSA for the scholarship award. Click here for the International Friend Scholarship Application. 

K.E. Alexander School of Business Scholarship

Open to first degree seeking undergraduates pursuing a degree in the School of Business with a GPA of 3.5 or better.  Provides $1000 per enrollment period.  Students must remain in the School of Business and keep a cumulative GPA of at least 3.50 with full time continuous enrollment.

Narrow Gate Scholarship

Open to graduates of the Narrow Gate Foundation.  Applicant must submit a letter of recommendation from a Narrow Gate staff member.  Student must meet minimum admission requirements.  Provides $500 per term.

Non-Profit Scholarship

Undergraduates–Open to employees who are employed a minimum of 30 hours per week by a non-profit, 501c3 organization, as well as open to their spouse and/or children under the age of 24. Scholarship awards $1650 per term. Students must complete an employment verification form each term to have scholarship awarded.

Graduates – Open to employees working a minimum of 30 hours per week at a registered 501c3, non-profit organization and are officially admitted to the MAOL program. Students are eligible for a one-time $3300 scholarship for their graduate studies if holding a bachelor’s degree with a GPA of at least a 3.0 and have no more than 33 hours as a graduate student. Recipient must maintain continuous enrollment and complete an employment verification form.

Non-Traditional Scholarship

Open to adult degree seekers over age 24, pursuing a first time undergraduate degree. Scholarship is need-based.  Student and spouse must have adjusted gross income of $36,000 or less on IRS tax form.  Student must meet minimum admission requirements.  Award is $500 per term.

Public Servant Scholarship

Undergraduate –Created for full-time Williamson County municipal and public service employees, as well as their spouse and/or children under the age of 24. The scholarship awards $1,650 per term per person, not to exceed $3,300 per year. Must submit employment verification of family member’s employment each term.

Graduate – Must be a full-time Williamson County municipal and public service employee. Students are eligible for a one-time $3300 scholarship once officially admitted to the MAOL program. Student must hold a bachelor’s degree with a GPA of at least a 3.0, have no more than 33 hours as a graduate student, maintain continuous enrollment and complete an employment verification form.

Academic Progress for Institutional Scholarships 

Students awarded institutional scholarships will have their academic progress and renewal criteria evaluated after each term for eligibility. Students who do not maintain eligibility and have an unforeseen life event may request an exception or ask that their scholarship be placed on hold for a term or more (up to 2 years of date of request, providing student is not enrolling at Williamson or any other post-secondary institution). If the student is not enrolling or has issues with completing a term at Williamson College and has a documented event that may include a medical condition, a call to active military duty, or participating in an official religious service; they may request an exception by completing the Scholarship Exception Request/Hold Request Form provided by the Financial Aid Office. The decision will be granted from the Appeals Committee prior to the next term and will be final. The only exception is there will be no reinstatement of the Williamson College Academic Scholarship.

Students must notify the Financial Aid Office if other outside financial assistance is received, including employee tuition benefits.

External Resources

Williamson College provides sites to research outside scholarship awards. Look for free websites; do not pay a fee for scholarship or financial aid information. Please contact the financial aid office if any of the below sites require a fee or you find a broken link.

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