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Omega Nu Lambda was formed to recognize online students to create community, provide encouragement and acknowledge you through your academic success.


Williamson College is proud to have established the Lambda Chapter of Omega Nu Lambda,  a national collegiate honor society exclusively for online students. It was founded with the purpose of assisting online students to have a better experience by acknowledging their academic achievements, to be encouraging by offering scholarship opportunities and create connectivity by creating community with other Omega Nu Lambda members across the United States.

Members must meet the criteria of completing 15 hours of online studies with a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or better.

We are proud to present the inaugural members of our Lambda Chapter:

Marypaz Hurtado Arias
Ashley Butterfield
Sanghun Byun
Justin P Carter
Caleb Holtz
Jennifer Lynn Hudson
Jennifer Jackson
Amy Koss
Andrea Williams-Leon
Mari Lynn Marley
Joshua Blake McConnell
Kathryn Nemeth
Juan R. Nieves Jr.
Jessica Paiva de Oliveira
Alyxius Young
Laura Deane Andrews
Marianne Robbins Gergis
Millette Elizabeth Milliken
Maurice L. Painter
Amy Renee Shore

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