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Williamson College Mentor Program


Business Mentor and Student



The program is designed to address topics such as spiritual growth, career development, decision making, life balance and goal setting. An introduction of the program is given in the orientation class and students are given the option to participate.  Participants meet with a certified coach in the Middle Tennessee area for a brief interview in order to match him or her with the best possible mentor.



– Community mentors from Williamson County and surrounding areas
– Staff of Williamson College
– Faculty from the major areas: Business Administration and Ministry Leadership

A mentor is a volunteer position, different than a student’s academic advisor


– Students/Undergraduate and Graduate

  • Two meetings per year suggested with mentor
  • Ongoing emails and/or phone calls may occur as needed
  • Visits over a meal, movie, coffee, etc., often occur
  • Progression in program, experience at school, and life in general are topics of discussion

If you are a current student and have a question about this program, please call: 615-771-7821

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