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Master of Arts in Biblical Studies

Program Overview

The Master of Arts in Biblical Studies is a program designed for individuals who want to learn and experience the tools, methods, and skills crucial for personally engaging and publicly teaching the Bible in-depth and in-context. Core biblical theology, adeptness at the biblical languages, and the key skills for biblical exposition are features of this program. Whether you want your devotional life to become more meaningful or want to teach classes in your local church, this program will give you the confidence and competencies to accomplish your goals. Rightly handling God’s word and rightly sharing that word with God’s people are tremendous tasks and core components of this major.

Program Objectives

  • Demonstrate the core competencies of biblical exegesis and biblical exposition.
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the biblical languages and basic competency in using a Bible software tool.
  • Articulate a sound biblical theology grounded in the biblical worldview.
  • Demonstrate the ability to analyze and critique various methods and interpretations within the realm of Biblical studies.
  • Learn how to translate the Bible into the daily lives of God’s people helping them to live more faithfully and to share more boldly.
  • Acquire deep understanding of the relationship between biblical theology and systematic theology

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance for the M.A. in Theological Studies is available through federal student loans and private/alternative loans. Click here for information about Direct Loans. Click here for information about private/alternative loans.
Please contact us to request information about our scholarships and tuition.


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