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Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership

The M.A. in Organizational Leadership, taught from a Christian worldview, is designed to equip students to effectively lead and manage top-level teams. It is ideal for people in both for-profit and non-profit organizations, including churches.

The program’s curriculum consists of 11 courses and includes a local, national and international perspective. Courses are held one night per week from 6-10pm with occasional weekend intensives. There are no prerequisites for students with an undergraduate degree.

The M.A. in OL program is ideal for aspiring leaders to equip them with the knowledge and abilities they need to lead within any type of organization. Students in this program will focus on topics such as understanding organizational processes, building strong & effective teams, organizing and leading groups, managing conflicts and leading organizational change.

Program Objectives

Graduating students will:

1. Demonstrate an ability to think and lead biblically, analytically, and managerially in addressing organizational situations.

2. Be able to explain various types and aspects of organizational culture and how they function as a whole.

3. Be able to create and advance vision and planning to include articulating a clear mission statement, organizational values, goals and objectives, and the ability to build consensus to inaugurate and implement the plan.

4. Be able to explain how and why conflict occurs in an organization, and how the leader should view the opportunities as well as threats in such situations.

5. Be able to articulate and synthesize unique aspects of leadership at the national and international levels.

Bible Component

1. The ability to articulate the biblical and ethical foundations for the various aspects of leadership.

2. The ability to explain and justify the necessity of a leader’s spiritual life.

Master of Arts Emphasis

  • Bible/Theology

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Financial Assistance

Financial assistance for the M.A. in Organizational Leadership is available through federal student loans and private/alternative loans. Click here for information about Direct Loans. Click here for information about private/alternative loans.
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Quick Facts

  • Designed for leaders in business, non-profit, or ministry
  • Practical knowledge on how to establish, assess, and lead healthy organizations
  • Accessible, one-night-per-week classes and weekend intensives
  • Includes a study trip
  • 18-month program/33 credit hours
  • Emphasis on high-level concepts of organizational culture, strategy, risk management, and financial analysis
  • Taught from a Christian worldview
  • Scholarships available