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Master of Arts in Theological Studies

Theology impacts everything, whether it be our understanding of history, our relationships with religious institutions, or our ethical decision making. Everyone is a theologian because everyone has thoughts or opinions about God. Unfortunately, these notions are not always logical, scripturally accurate, or integrated with one’s broader philosophy of life.

Williamson College’s Master of Arts in Theological Studies is open to anyone desiring to develop the skills, techniques, and concepts for studying, practicing, and leading theological discourse. This degree program will equip students to build a firm Biblical foundation and connect theological truths with their impact on daily living. We invite you to journey with us and embark on the great endeavor of studying God, faith, and practice.

Program Goals

  • Articulate the fundamental aspects of Christian Theology
  • Use the historic growth of the church to identify future trends in order to keep scripture as the constant in an ever-changing culture
  • Demonstrate an ability to think, research, synthesize, integrate, and apply key theological principles and concepts to ethics and leadership
  • Articulate the major differences and commonalities between the historical Christian theological system and other major theological systems
  • Develop a robust and coherent theological apologetic for the student’s personal faith


CT 501 — Bible Theology

OL 501 — Biblical Principles for Global Leadership

CT 510 — Systematic Theology: Resurrection, Revelation, and the Reality of God

CT 515 — Philosophical Theology

OL 530 — Organizational Culture

OL 540 — Leading Through Change in a Corporate Context

CT 520 — Systematic Theology: Salvation and Man's Atonement

CT 530 — Systematic Theology: Holy Spirit, The Church, and Future Events

CT 540 — Moral Theology

CT 550 — Great Theologians

CT 560 — Comparative Theology

CT 570 — Practical Theology: Pastoral Care, Spiritual Formation, & Theological Education

CT 590 — Theological Studies in an International Context

CT 599 — Capstone Project

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance for the M.A. in Theological Studies is available through federal student loans and private/alternative loans. Click here for information about Direct Loans. Click here for information about private/alternative loans.
Please contact us to request information about our scholarships and tuition.


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Quick Facts

  • Designed to help lay-people and ministry leaders alike to develop sound theology
  • Incorporates courses on Biblical and ethical leadership, as well as elements of apologetics
  • Intensive dive into Christian history, Systematic Theology, and practical application
  • 24 month/42 credit hours
  • Accessible, one-night-per-week classes and weekend intensives
  • Study abroad trip included
  • Scholarships available