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Constitution and Citizenship Day

Constitution Day commemorates the signing of the United State Constitution, signed on September 17, 1787.  The U.S. Constitution is the framework of America’s system of government which was the result of months of convening and deliberating among the delegates.  The Constitution creates government that puts the power in the hands of the people.  The Constitution is the most powerful vision of freedom ever expressed and is worthy of our commitment.

To encourage Americans to learn more about the Constitution, Congress in 1956 established Constitution Week.  It begins each year on September 17. In observance of Constitution Day, Williamson College will host an event in which all staff, faculty and students are invited to participate. 

Constitution Day, September 17th, 2016

September 17th is Constitution Day, commemorating the day in 1787 when, at the end of a long hot summer of discussion, debate and deliberation, the delegates to the Constitutional Convention signed America’s most important document. George Washington, on behalf of the Convention, transmitted the proposed Constitution to the Congress assembled under the Articles of Confederation. Eleven days later the Congress by unanimous resolution passed the proposal on to conventions of delegates to be chosen in each state. It was in these state conventions that the Constitution was thoroughly discussed, debated and eventually ratified” (National Endowment for the Humanities).


Senator Robert C. Byrd, a West Virginia Democrat and the United States Congress’ unofficial constitutional scholar, believes that the American primary, secondary, and post-secondary students lack significant knowledge regarding the United States Constitution. In December 2004, Senator Byrd offered an amendment that was passed by both the United States House of Representatives and the Unites States Senate in an attempt to increase students’ knowledge about the Constitution.

The legislation requires that all educational institutions receiving federal funds implement educational programs relating to the United States Constitution on September 17 of each year. September 17th was selected as the date for the celebration due to the fact that on September 17, 1787 the delegates to the Constitutional Convention met for the last time to sign the United States Constitution and present it to the American Public. In accordance with the flexibility provided in the Federal Register notice, educational institutions receiving Federal funding from the Department may celebrate Constitution Day the preceding or following week. Click here to visit the official Constitution Day website.

In honor of this day:

On Monday, September 11 at 11:45am, author and attorney Brandi Hudson, who is also a WC adjunct faculty member, will share her thoughts on the Constitution. This event is open to the community as well.
Please RSVP to 615-771-7821 to attend.

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