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Natalie Dendy, M.A.

Professor of Public Speaking and English Composition and Reading I & II.

Southern California native, Natalie Dendy, has a career that spans over the fields of ministry, education and the creative arts alike. Natalie began as a youth ministry director and missionary to a growing Christian church plant in Salt Lake City, Utah. From the mountains of Utah to the hills of Tennessee, Natalie made her way to Nashville seeking to further her education and build a career in the Christian music business – a lifelong passion and interest. She worked steadily for major record labels (Forefront, Sparrow & EMICMG) and Christian artists in the division of artist development. As the music industry began a major transition, Natalie embarked on an educational-focused career path, and found great fervency in university-level teaching.

Natalie went on to spearhead the development of a college degree initiative at Columbia State Community College for General Motors degree-seeking employees. While at Columbia State, she taught hundreds of adult students in all areas of general studies (Algebra, Spanish, Creative Writing, and English, among others) and created a program that aided in the educational growth of industrial workers. With a true entrepreneurial spirit, Natalie then founded her own company, The Source Tutorial, where she teaches all subjects and levels for students ranging from kindergarten to college in the Williamson County area. She went on to join the General Education faculty of Williamson College in 2009. She currently teaches for both The Source and Williamson College year-round.

Natalie holds a BBA in Music Business and an MAT in University Teaching with an emphasis in Language Arts and General Studies- both from Belmont University. She was the first student at Belmont to receive a graduate degree in university-level teaching, which provides college administration leadership skills and knowledge of application of adult learning styles & subjects for future educators. She also is certified in theater by the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

She continues to stay involved in the creative arts, having written (as a ghostwriter) a soon-to-be published Christian novel, and has written several published songs available on all music platforms. Natalie resides in Franklin, Tennessee with her husband, Chris and daughter London.