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An Affordable College Option - Right Here in Smyrna


Why Choose Williamson?

Williamson College's Smyrna location finds its home in the classrooms at LifePoint Church's Smyrna campus. This convenient location is close to the interstate and has ample free parking - so you can say "goodbye" to being late for class due to lack of parking spaces!

Learn in a small classroom environment from instructors who care about helping you grow, academically and spiritually. Each course is built to accommodate 6-12 students so that you can learn not just by listening to lecture, but by participating in deep discussion.

Each class meets one night per week from 6:00-10:00pm for a 5-week period. This flexible model means that you can earn your degree, while still having margin in your schedule to do other things, such as work full-time, prioritize your family, and continue doing what you love.

"Choosing to enroll at Williamson has been one of the best decisions in my life. I am so thankful for the Christian atmosphere and community they have created."

Mari Marley
Smyrna Student

"The passion and love from the staff is contagious for us as students. The family atmosphere is something I admire and appreciate about this school. "

Ryan Chidester
Smyrna Student

"My experience at Williamson has provided a second chance to complete my degree.  As a father, husband, and business professional, Williamson has allowed me to finish my degree around my schedule."

Blake McConnell
Smyrna Student

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Associates Degree

Bachelor's Degrees
Business Administration
Ministry Leadership

Master's Degrees
Organizational Leadership
Theological Studies
Entrepreneurial M.B.A.

Dual Enrollment

English Learning (Meridian ESL)

Certificate Programs