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International Undergraduate Student Path

Williamson College invites applications from students who will contribute to, as well as benefit from, the educational process offered by the College.  Each applicant is evaluated on an individual basis in regards to academic preparation and potential.  Prospective students are encouraged to visit the College to learn more about specific degree programs and our unique educational environment.  Undergraduate admission is intended to serve those desiring to complete an associate or bachelor degree program or attend classes for personal enrichment.

Prospective students may apply online:  Apply Online!

Applications are accepted on a rolling, continual basis for all programs and for individual classes for personal enrichment.  Applicants who meet the criteria necessary for admission will be notified in writing.  Applicants who do not meet the criteria and are not approved for admittance will also be notified in writing. All students must provide their own laptop computer.



  • Complete the Undergraduate Application and forms by clicking here.
  • Submit a $100 nonrefundable application fee by clicking here or make checks or money orders payable to Williamson College.
  • Submit an admissions essay, specifics can be found by clicking here.
  • Submit copy of high school diploma, certificate of completion or transcripts. Please note: Admission to Williamson College requires completion of secondary school.
  • Request that official transcripts be forwarded directly to the  Office of Admissions from each non-US college or university attended.  Transcripts must be in the form of official copies of academic records. These must be accompanied by an English translation of the documents. Williamson College does not formally recognize degrees from non-US colleges or universities.  However, if an international applicant wishes to have individual courses reviewed by the Registrar in order to transfer credits from a non-US college or university; the following procedure applies:  Applicants must provide an English translation of the transcript, or in the event this is not possible, the applicant must contact World Education Services (WES) at www.wes.org for an official evaluation of non-US college or university transcripts and request the evaluation be sent to Williamson College.  Upon receipt of the evaluation, the Registrar will review courses to determine the credits that can be accepted toward the applicant’s degree program at WC.
  • Request official transcripts be forwarded directly to the Office of Admissions from each US college or university previously attended. Please note: any applicant who fails to acknowledge prior attendance at any college or university will be subject to dismissal from Williamson College.
  • Demonstrate English proficiency through one of the following:
    • A minimum TOEFL* score of 520 is required on the paper-based test; or
    • A minimum TOEFL* score of 175 is required on the computer-based test; or
    • A minimum TOEFL* score of 60 is required on the Internet-based test.
    • *An alternative English Language Test International students may take is the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). A minimum score of 5 is required. For international applicants from countries where English is the official language, please contact the Admissions Office to request a waiver of this requirement.
  • Submit bank statement demonstrating financial capability to pay tuition, fees and living expenses for the first twelve months of program. The bank statement must be current, and indicate the account monetary value equivalency in USD (United States dollars). If a student will be sponsored, a current sponsor bank statement demonstrating financial capability and completed financial support form (provided by the Office of Admissions) will be required.
  • Submit documentation substantiating official status with the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), in order to determine eligibility to study in the United States as follows:
    • Copy of current Visa
    • Copy of current Passport
    • Copy of current I-94 information
    • Copy of current I-20 if transfer student from another US college or university
  • Submit copy of passport and visa for any dependents that will be listed on student’s I-20.
  • Submit current complete foreign address to Office of Admissions.
  • If student desires to transfer from another US college or university, submit a SEVIS Transfer Request form (available from the Office of Admissions at WC).

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