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Cost of Attending 

The Financial Aid Office determines a yearly cost of attendance (COA) budget that covers the comprehensive cost of attending. The Cost of Attendance is an estimate of the cost of attending Williamson College, it does not represent the actual cost charged to a students account. 

For 2022-2023

(Full-time) Undergraduate living at home

Tuition $ 12,960.00

Fees $ 1,430.00

Books and Supplies $ 1,080.00

Transportation $ 2,694.00

R & B for at home $ 3,800.00

Misc/Pers = $ 1,800.00

Total $ 23,764.00

(Full-time) Undergraduate off campus

Tuition $ 12,960.00

Fees $ 1,430.00

Books and Supplies $ 1,080.00

Transportation $ 2,694.00

R & B $ 14,180.00

Misc/Pers = $ 1,800.00

Total $ 34,144.00

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Undergraduate Tuition

Graduate Tuition

Most financial aid is awarded based on financial need and eligibility of the program. Recipients must have a FAFSA on file with the college and complete all the verification process before an award is offered. Each student has a standardized Cost of Attendance (COA) budget which is used to calculate the financial need (formula below):

The financial aid equation:  COA – EFC (estimated family contribution) = Need

Award amounts may not exceed your cost of attendance (COA).  A school may substitute certain types of loans for the student’s expected family contribution (EFC). Federal loans that may replace the EFC include Unsubsidized Direct Loans and Direct Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students, (PLUS).

Financial Aid awarded to students is determined on the below formula:

Cost of Attendance

minus(-) EFC (Estimated Family Contribution)

equals(=) Student Need

minus(-) Pell Grant

minus(-) SEOG, Federal workstudy

equals(=) Loan Need 

For information regarding actual charges or payments including setting up payment plans, see Student Accounts.