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Bachelor of Science Degrees

Business Administration


Williamson College is serious about the integration of biblical thinking with professional pursuits.

This major is designed to equip students to lead for – and non-profit organizations, not only in the maximization of stockholder wealth, but also for the greater good of the community and world. Students at WC are challenged to think biblically and analytically in order to develop solutions for some of the most intractable problems facing mankind in the 21st century.

At WC, we believe business pursuits can be a noble purpose and, when subservient to God’s sovereignty, a calling that can be fully God-honoring and useful in the encouragement and expansion of His Kingdom. Therefore, our students are challenged to think in an inter-disciplinary way; that is, to study across a spectrum of subjects including church leadership, spiritual formation and biblical ethics. By doing so, our graduates are equipped and empowered to think globally, as well as locally, in collaborating cross-culturally to advance the mission of their organization.

This major requires completion of 122 credit hours.

The coursework is divided up as follows:

General Education Courses: 41 Credit Hours
Major Courses: 60 Credit Hours
Electives: 23 Credit Hours


> Non-Profit Managerial Leadership
> Accounting

Under Business Administration students have the option of adding an Accounting concentration or a Non-Profit Managerial Leadership concentration.

The School of Business Administration also offers minors in Accounting. To fulfill a minor, students complete a minimum of 24 credit hours in upper division Accounting classes.

Ministry Leadership


The Ministry Leadership major is intended to provide students with skills and a background in leadership and how they should be applied in a ministry or other Christian activities. Ministry is defined broadly to refer to any situation in which Christians are worshipping, evangelizing, serving or studying aspects of the Christian faith. Ministry Leadership will be presented in the broad context of human knowledge and experience. As a result, both secular and Christian sources will be studied along with case studies and examples of leadership historically and currently in our society. As in all majors at Williamson College, students study Biblical Worldview, examining the role of general and special revelation, and looking at God at work in the modern world. A Christian worldview provides a deeper understanding of the opportunities and challenges in Ministry Leadership areas. The final course in the sequence, CM 489 Ministry Leadership Capstone (3 credit hours), is unique to Williamson College. This course is designed to help students consolidate the academic content of the program and to finalize their student portfolios prior to their graduation.

This degree requires completion of 122 credit hours.

The coursework is divided up as follows:

General Education Courses: 44 Credit Hours
Major Courses: 54 Credit Hours
Selected Minor: 21 Credit Hours
Electives: 3 Credit Hours

> Bible/Theology
> Intercultural Studies
> Worship Studies